New buildings

At present, the number of products available to dress the wall of a building are many, but nothing beats the quality of thermal insulation, durability or aesthetic richness of masonry. Whether you want stone or brick, our team will give you the look you are looking for your building. Contact us for a quote and free advice.


Through decades, masonry becomes strained and different items will be in need of repair or preventive maintenance. To maintain the architectural heritage of your property, only a team of experts can identify and implement the solution that applies to your masonry wall at a competitive price. Contact us for a complete analysis of your masonry and a free quote.

At DV Maconnerie what distinguishes us is the passion for masonry and the pride of our work. We strongly believe that quality, and honesty are the basis of the trust we build with our customers. Our dynamic team of masons combines expertise worthy of your expectations in order to find a solution that fits your budget. Whether for new construction or restoration, a large or a small project DV Maconnerie is the solution in greater Montreal.

Replace Architectural elements such as window sills, lintels, awnings, etc.
Rounded brick wall repair (ventre de boeuf)
Replacement brackets (angle iron)
Modifying fireplaces and chimneys
Repointing walls
Insulation from outside
Historic building restoration

New building:
Modular bricks, CSR and others.
Artificial and natural rocks.
Design And home installation of masonry heater, fireplace or outdoor BBQ.
Bonded stone brick.
Concrete brick.
Architectural brick.

The partnership between Frank’s several years of experience in new residential, commercial and industrial construction, added to years of Pierre-Alexandre’s experience in restoring old buildings form a complete team that can meet all your masonry needs. Under the direction of Frank and Pierre-Alexandre our dynamic team of masons have at heart the quality of their work and customer satisfaction.


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